First Time Users' Guide

Welcome to TTD, Washington, D.C. where our unique events are designed to excite the interests of nearly any young professional.  Through our activities, we hope to enhance your cultural experiences and allow you network and socialize with many other young professionals.

While many of our members may be interested in viewing our entire event calendar, some may want to take a more targeted approach. To assist you in identifying the events that interest you the most, we have developed a filter system that enables you to tailor our calendar to meet your individual preferences.

For example, imagine that you are a single Washingtonian looking to meet your soul mate and are interested in wine tastings and exotic travel. You may narrow the events calendar to meet your specific preferences by clicking the following buttons on the left side of the page:
  • Singles Events
  • Tastings
  • Exciting Travel
Our filter will first present you with all of our "Singles Events." It will then add "Tastings" and finally "Exciting Travel." The end result is an event calendar tailored to your specific interests. You also have the ability to modify your preferences at any time by simply selecting or de-selecting any of the buttons.

Below is a brief description of each of our calendar categories. Please note, we also host a variety of events that do not fall into one of the following. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email ([email protected]) or telephone 301-519-8030.

Regional And Personal Background:

(A) Washington, DC

Based in the Nation's Capitol, TTD endeavors to create exciting and enjoyable events at first class venues. On the streets of downtown and in the surrounding suburbs, TTD invites you to take advantage of all that the Washington metropolitan area has to offer while networking and socializing with fellow young professionals.

(B) Baltimore, MD

With many of our members residing in Baltimore, we are pleased to introduce "Things To Do® Baltimore". From the Inner Harbor to Camden Yards to Fells Point, TTD now brings its first class events to the Baltimore region. To receive dedicated emails for Baltimore-area events, please email [email protected]

(C) Things Specifically For Singles

Although TTD is not specifically a "singles organization," we recognize that many of our members are single and are looking to meet that special someone. To help make that connection possible, we regularly host events that expressly target singles. From themed parties such as "Four Minute Dating" and "Lock and Key" to group dinners where participants are seated based on their personalities and preferences, TTD is helping bring Washington's best and brightest singles together in an upscale and comfortable environment.

(D) Things For Forty Plus Professionals

While each of our events is open to professionals of all ages, sometimes our older members prefer to mix and mingle with people of similar age and experience. To satisfy these preferences we produce many events that target forty plus professionals. To receive dedicated announcements about these events, please email [email protected].

Events Based On Personal Interests

(A) Formal Galas (Things To Do® In Your Gown And Tux)

Break out your finest formal wear and get ready for a special evening. Whether it's New Year's Eve or a museum gala let TTD sweep you off your feet as we present exquisite formal galas in our Nation's Capitol.

(B) Embassy and Cultural (International Things To Do®)

Washington is home to nearly two hundred embassies and cultural institutions. Through a variety events, our members have the opportunity to experience the nations of the world without leaving home. These international affairs feature host country food and drink, showcase accompanying dance, music, and art, and offer our members the rare occasion to meet foreign ambassadors and diplomats. Having hosted events at over 40 embassies, TTD's Young Professional Cultural Society has enabled thousands to embrace the spirit of international harmony and cooperation through cultural awareness and understanding.

(C) Exciting Travel (Things To Do® In Other Lands)

Want to travel the world with new friends and experiences new cultures but can't find the time to plan your trip? Let TTD take you on adventures you will never forget. From the remote waterfalls of Iceland to the historic villages of Europe to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, TTD offers exciting, all inclusive vacation packages designed to open your mind and free your spirit.

(D) Tastings (Things To Learn About Food And Wine)

The consummate young professional appreciates and understands the what's, where's and how's of savoring superior fare and drink. To help our members learn, TTD offers a variety of classes, many taught by the areas' leading food and beverage connoisseurs. From tasting a new dish at Washington's trendiest restaurant to sampling some of the region's best wines, our epicurean events are designed to stimulate your taste buds as well as your imagination.

(E) Dance Lessons (Steps To Do)

Whether you are an experienced dancer or you have two left feet, TTD opens the door to a new world through masterful dance lessons. Our expert instructors will teach you how to salsa, swing, ballroom, and even hip hop through a series a targeted dance lessons. By incorporating rotating partners, our dance lessons provide the perfect place to help you meet and socialize with new people.

(E) Guided Tours (Things To Learn About Our Backyard)

Ever wonder which areas of Washington are haunted? Want to visit the secret hideaways of foreign spies? Or, maybe you enjoy traveling back in time by visiting a Civil War Battleground? TTD arranges for professionally guided walking, museum, and cultural tours where history is taught first hand by best selling authors, former government officials, and others with mysterious backgrounds.

(G) Nightclub of the Month

Every month, TTD invites its members the trendiest nightclubs and lounges in town. Get the red carpet treatment with drink specials, front of the line passes and exclusive VIP treatment just for being a member of TTD. From disco to top 40 to hip hop, dance and revel at the finest venues in Washington.

(H) Sports And Outdoors (Athletic Th ings To Do)

We all need to exercise but also want to have fun doing so. Why just visit the same gym day after day when TTD offers exciting athletic activities that energize the body. From touch football to white water rafting, hiking to ice skating, SCUBA to kayaking TTD makes staying in shape fun.

(I) Concerts And Shows (Things To Watch And Enjoy)

Whether you enjoy Shakespeare at the Kennedy Center, the Wizards at the MCI Center or live jazz at Blue Alley, TTD is your ticket to the finest cultural performances and sporting events.

(J) Seminars And Classes (Things To Learn)

There is more to TTD than just networking and social events. We also offer our members the opportunity to improve their personal and professional lives through a variety of seminars and classes taught by the area's leading experts. From learning how to buy a house to cooking an exotic meal to even repairing your car, these events are designed to expand your knowledge and help you succeed.

(K) Charitable Events (Things We Care About)

At TTD, we recognize people in need. From a hospitalized child who needs new friends (and Santa) during the holiday season to a person searching for their next meal, we work with Washington's most respected charities to assist the less fortunate. These events not only enhance the body and spirit of those in need but also provide our members with a feeling of joy and accomplishment knowing that they have enhanced the life of another.

(L) Seasonal

Each year, as we make our way around the calendar, TTD presents a variety of events to commemorate the seasonal holidays and celebrations. From a tour of Ireland during St. Patrick's Day to a haunted hayride in October to a New Year's Eve Gala in January, celebrate the holidays and ring in seasonal cheer with the unique seasonal events TTD has to offer.