Gregory Bland

Hello everyone, I am Greg. I am a local DC and MD attorney, and a fellow young professional. I moved down to Washington from my native New York City to practice law.

While practicing law, I helped start and promoted DECADES Nightclub, which became a huge instant hit - attracting over 3,000 young professionals every Friday Night for two years. I enjoyed the many new friends I made at Decades who came from areas throughout the world and had jobs in numerous fields (from law to medicine, government to teaching, tech to financial advisement, etc).

After a few years in the nightclub business, I realized that while nightclubs are fun and exciting, doing the same club week after week is not necessarily enough for the young professional community. I realized it was time to star an organization dedicated to bringing the community together by working with unique venues each week offering networking and socializing opportunities like no other.
I am thrilled now to be working with Ira taking TTD: Experiences for Young Professionals to the next level of young professional event planning. As you can see from our calendar and background, the people behind TTD are incredibly enthusiastic to bring you an exciting new venture to offer you the best events that will serve the interests of just about any young professional in the area.

As for myself, I am also an attorney specializing in business organization, contracts, commercial, real estate, domestic and everyday litigation matters. But, my primary job is spent serving all of Washington's young professionals by thinking up original ideas for unique events for the Young Professional Community of the Greater D.C. area. Any new ideas are greatly appreciated.

Currently, I am 36 years old. I've been married to a wonderful woman who I met in DC. My wife and I got engaged at Pleasure Island in Disney World. Like many engagement stories, this one is not without its humor or craziness. If you are interested to hear it, please let me know. We also have wonderful children(Washington's youngest professionals) who brings us more joy than I ever imagined possible.

I love to read, watch movies (I am a big movie buff), jog, take photos, and experience life. I especially love to travel. Over the course of my life, I've been to 49 of the 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. I've still got a lot more on the map to hit. Any suggestions in this area are also appreciated.

On a personal note, I've most enjoyed hearing about the friendships, new business relationships, and especially the marriages that have resulted from all of the events I have been involved with. I especially take much joy in watching the smiling faces and hearing the accolades at the events.

As hard as we may all work, please remember that we only have a short period of time on this Earth. Take advantage of as many new opportunities as possible.

Anyway, I love receiving emails from my members. Feel free to write, offer me travel advice, tell me about your lives, ask questions etc. Please email me at: I look forward to seeing you at many of the events.