Ira M. Brody

Hi, I'm Ira. I came to the Washington area in 1984 after college to pursue a job opportunity and haven't left DC since. As a political junkie there's no better place to be.

Throughout my thirteen year consulting career, I worked on a variety of great projects and helped many of my clients plan large conferences and events. It was during that time that I also realized first hand how difficult it was for young professionals to balance their personal and professional lives.

As an outlet, I became involved with Corporate Sports Battle, a national competition that traveled to 12 cities every summer and pitted one company against another in a series of athletic competitions (some serious and others not-so-serious). Each tour would culminate with the winning team in each city reaching a nationally televised championship competition on ESPN, ESPN2 or Outdoor Life Network. Over its lifetime, the CSB raised over $5 million for local and national charities.

For nearly eight years during the summer months, I traveled around the country on weekends as part of the event production staff. I had lots of fun, met many fantastic young professionals, and helped run the events in each city. My "hobby" eventually became my fulltime job when in 1997 I decided to make a career change. I left the consulting world and followed my passion by buying the company that produced CSB. I have been in the event production business fulltime ever since.

Over the past several years, I have also been working on a variety of exciting, high-profile events in the Washington area including Live on Penn, a summer concert series and Taste of DC.

I'm very excited to be part of the TTD team. Together, Greg and I combine many years of experience in planning and producing exciting events. As Director of Production, I will be developing our private and corporate events business as well as strengthening and building our 40+ organization.

I look forward to meeting all of you. If you have any ideas please contact me at